Robert C. Cosbey sr.

13 July 1915 - 23 May 2014

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Bob was first and foremost a teacher. He taught and administered in universities for over fifty years, where his tireless work ethic and unfailing belief in equality and fairness earned him trust and respect from students and colleagues alike, enriching thousands of lives. He was a wonderful father and mentor to his children and grandchildren, sharing his humble wisdom and his love of nature, literature and social justice with them continually. His story-telling abilities were enthralling. May he find his rest in the afterlife, and a peaceful meadow there to fly kites in.


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Kevin Jaques 8 years ago
What an admirable man! Gentle, generous, active, educated, smart, and apparently, of very sturdy stock. It's reassuring when one of the good ones makes 99, though even then, still disappointing his life wasn't longer and stronger.


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Christopher Knapper 8 years ago
We were friends with Bob in the late 1960s and early 1970s during our time in Regina and knew him as both a friend and academic colleague. A man or many parts who lived a long and fulfilled life. Warm wishes to Bob's family from Chris and Laurel Knapper